Watershed Assessments

Watershed assessments are comprehensive evaluations of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions within a watershed. Watershed assessments are conducted to understand the overall health of the watershed, identify potential issues, and inform stakeholders and conservation strategies outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The JHA team performs watershed assessments by studying the physical characteristics of the watershed, assessing hydrology, analyzing water quality, evaluating biological conditions, assessing land use and land cover changes, considering socioeconomic factors and their impact on the watershed, evaluating existing infrastructure, assessing ecological connections, and identifying risks and vulnerabilities within the watershed.

The findings from these assessments are used to develop watershed management plans, implement conservation measures, and make informed decisions to protect and sustainably manage the watershed’s resources. These assessments are valuable tools for environmental planning, water resource management, and ecosystem conservation.

project leaders:

Travis Long, CEP

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