Commercial Land Development

From our client’s vision of a commercial project to its realization, our team assists in every step of the process. This includes working through feasibility, zoning, design, and permitting processes. With a focus on maintaining our client’s vision, our team designs each site to be cost-effective and environmentally compliant.

A feasibility study provides clients with the information necessary to decide if a site is financially viable, as well as giving an overview of the path to completion and any potential regulatory hurdles. During this process, our team coordinates and communicates with municipalities, utility providers, and transportation agencies to gain an understanding of their perspective on a potential project. Potential zoning challenges are revealed at this stage and a plan forward can be determined.

When a client decides to proceed with a project after a feasibility, our team of engineers and designers works to create a preliminary plan that aligns with the vision for the property. By using sound engineering practices during the design process, the regulations of municipalities and utility provides are balanced with the client’s vision.

Commercial land development design and permitting requires assistance from many of our different teams. By coordinating with our survey team for boundary, topographic, ALTA, construction stakeout, and as-built surveys, our engineers an accurate depiction of conditions in the field throughout the project lifecycle. Our survey team implements, when needed, drone photogrammetry or LiDAR technology to better provide field conditions to our design team.

During the environmental review of the site, both pre and post construction, our engineers coordinate with our environmental professionals to ensure that crucial environmental features are protected and in alignment with regulations. By coordinating with our environmental team, our designers ensure that the soils and geological conditions of the site will support the proposed design elements. Geotechnical evaluations for each site are carefully conducted to ensure stability of the sub-surface.

Our expertise extends across Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, securing environmental permits and ensuring compliance with regional regulations governing commercial developments. Beyond planning, our involvement encompasses construction administration and observation, ensuring that commercial projects are executed with precision and efficiency. In essence, JHA Companies offers a tailored and holistic approach to commercial land planning, zoning, and civil engineering, by transforming commercial spaces into thriving, sustainable environments and crafting a legacy of responsible development and community enhancement.

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