Stormwater Design

JHA Companies, a recognized leader in stormwater management, distinguishes itself through a comprehensive array of services aimed at addressing the intricate challenges posed by stormwater runoff. Their proven expertise spans a broad spectrum, from detailed runoff, hydrological, and hydraulic analyses to the development of innovative solutions such as attenuation studies, stream encroachment evaluations, and flood hazard calculations. JHA Companies excels in delivering effective stormwater quantity and quality control analyses, erosion and sediment control plans, as well as post-construction stormwater management strategies. Moreover, their proficiency extends to the design and planning of stormwater drainage collections, infiltration systems, and natural channels, ensuring the preservation of natural drainage patterns.

The company’s capabilities encompass the hydraulic analyses and design of culverts, the development of constructed wetlands, and the planning of impoundments, demonstrating a commitment to diverse and sustainable stormwater solutions. Safety remains a top priority with services that include dam breach analyses, dam safety studies, plans, and permits. JHA Companies also addresses environmental concerns with stream bank stabilization studies, embankment slip analyses, and watershed management studies. Their flood protection and floodplain management analyses adhere to federal standards, including FEMA and HEC-RAS flood studies.

In addition, JHA Companies navigates the complex regulatory landscape, offering services such as NPDES designs and applications, ESCGP designs and applications, and environmental permitting across multiple states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and New York. Their expertise extends to obtaining and complying with stormwater general permits and facilitating joint permits, streamlining the often intricate permitting processes. JHA Companies continues to lead the way in stormwater management, shaping a sustainable and resilient future through their commitment to excellence and innovative solutions.

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