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Topographic Surveys

JHA Company’s Topographical Service is your gateway to a comprehensive understanding of the land beneath your feet. Our team of […]
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Watershed Assessments

Watershed assessments are comprehensive evaluations of the physical, chemical, and biological conditions within a watershed. Watershed assessments are conducted to […]
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Drones & Remote Sensing

In the dynamic realm of land surveying, the integration of remote sensing techniques has transformed the landscape. Remote sensing, the […]
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In the ever-evolving landscape of coal mining, JHA emerges as a pivotal ally, offering a comprehensive suite of services that […]
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Air Quality & Noise Monitoring

Air quality monitoring is a crucial aspect of environmental oversite and public health management. Its primary objectives include assessing compliance […]
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Water Sampling

At JHA Companies, we understand that preserving water quality is fundamental to sustainable practices. Through advanced water sampling techniques, we […]
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Small Non-Coal Mining

Environmental stewardship has become a cornerstone of responsible business operations, extending beyond major sectors like coal and oil to encompass […]
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Large Non-Coal Permitting

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable development, large non-coal projects have emerged as key contributors to progress, ranging from renewable […]
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Bluestone Permitting

Bluestone continues to become a more popular choice in various aspects of construction and landscaping. As the demand for bluestone […]
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Engineering Plan Reviews

JHA Companies places a priority on the meticulous process of engineering plan review to ensure that projects not only meet […]
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