Commercial Building Design

At JHA, we focus on a deep understanding of the client’s vision to work as a team to create the building in a cost effective and practical manner. The needs and preferences of the client’s vision is taken into account in the complete design process, with recommendations made to implement best practices, reduce construction costs and create a more practical space. A well-designed facade and cohesive interior spaces can enhance the building’s brand image and create a memorable presence within its surroundings. Additionally, the interior spaces of a commercial building should reflect the identity and purpose of the businesses within.

Our designers work to integrate buildings with the surrounding environment, such as pedestrian access, public spaces, landscaping, and architectural styles. The design of a commercial building is rooted in its intended use. Every aspect of the layout and space allocation is carefully thought out to optimize workflows, operational efficiency, and the specific needs of the businesses that will occupy the space. Whether it’s office spaces, retail stores, restaurants, or mixed-use facilities, JHA has you covered.

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