Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring is a service provided to our clients upon request, or as required through regulations. While there are many different types of environmental monitoring, JHA focuses on air, soil, ecological, contamination, and water monitoring. Through systematically collecting and analyzing data, we are able to provide our clients and regulatory agencies with accurate and timely information about the target site.

With a focus on comprehensive air quality monitoring which measures pollutants like particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, JHA not only ensures regulatory compliance but actively contributes to creating healthier communities. Through performing water quality assessments and scrutinizing parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and nutrient levels, aquatic ecosystems are protected and clean water is provided to communities.

At times, our clients may require biodiversity tracking. Innovative methods such as camera traps and acoustic monitoring are utilized to monitor and analyze changes in wildlife populations. This information is not only crucial for conservation efforts but also forms the basis for strategies aimed at protecting endangered species. Beyond environmental preservation, we help ensure that businesses remain in compliance with environmental regulations.

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