3D Scanning

JHA’s 3D Laser Scanning services come with a suite of deliverables designed to meet the diverse needs of clients. The comprehensive point cloud data forms the foundation for detailed 3D models and analyses, while an interactive online viewer allows clients to navigate through the scanned site in real-time, fostering enhanced collaboration. Furthermore, the delivery includes meticulously crafted 3D CAD drawings and surfaces, offering visual representations that aid architects, engineers, and planners in executing their projects with precision. Additionally, detailed 2D plan view drawings provide a traditional yet detailed overview of the surveyed area, seamlessly integrating into existing planning and documentation processes.

JHA Companies’ commitment to precision, efficiency, and client satisfaction is evident in their pioneering use of 3D Laser Scanning technology. As the demand for advanced surveying solutions continues to grow, JHA Companies stands poised as an industry leader, providing comprehensive and accurate spatial data for applications ranging from construction and environmental monitoring to urban planning. Their investment in cutting-edge technology cements their position as innovators, reshaping the landscape of land surveying in the region.

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