Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a precise and detailed process carried out by Professional Surveyors to determine the physical limits or boundaries of a piece of land. The goal of a boundary survey is to establish legal and accurate property lines, which helps property owners avoid conflicts with neighbors and ensures proper property ownership documentation. This survey is often essential for real estate transactions, construction projects, and resolving property-related disputes.

An accurate boundary survey not only protects the property against encroachments and boundary conflicts, but also establishes a foundation of confidence for the property owner. The property owner is now able to make informed decisions in matters relating to the property limits and not disturb any neighboring properties in the process.

To get started, surveyors examine deeds of the subject and surrounding properties to understand the boundaries. They will then go to the field with specialized tools to take measurements and identify any markers that represent property corners and lines. In the case there are no remaining markers, JHA Companies may place new ones if desired by the landowner. Using the measurements collected, our surveyors calculate distances and angles to establish exact locations. If the client wants a map with the property boundaries and significant landmarks showcased, the surveyor will then create the detailed map known as a “plat.” This map is then thoroughly reviewed by a licensed surveyor to confirm the accuracy before being submitted to the county office for official recording.

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