Environmental issues have the ability to stop a project in its tracks. Wetlands, Endangered Species, and unique ecological conditions need to be identified early in the project planning process so that they can be addressed in the site design. Good planning can help get a project through Local, State and Federal environmental regulations. Having over 50 years of experience, the Environmental Consultants at JHA offer a wide range of Environmental Services. We have the expertise and experience to guide our clients through the gauntlet of environmental regulations.

Wetlands can play a major role in the planning and approvals of development projects. From preliminary evaluations through construction, JHA has provided clients with delineations, permit applications and mitigation plans. Although wetland regulations vary from state to state, the methodology used in determining their boundaries is uniform throughout the region, and the permitting process is very similar. JHA has a proven track record in the design, review and completion of Wetland Mitigation Projects. Whether it is the creation of a new wetland or enhancement of a disturbed one, JHA can design a project which will meet the needs of both its clients and the requirements of the regulations.
  • George White

    Senior Project Manager

  • Eric Baird

    Senior Wetland Biologist

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