JHA understands what mine owners face when it comes to the complexities of permitting and opening a mine, and are here to walk beside you throughout your whole project.

Bluestone Quarries

Services We Provide:

  • Large and Small Non-Coal Surface mining permitting
  • GP 105 Permits
  • Operator Licensing
  • Mine plans & cross section drawings
  • Reclamation plans
  • GP & Individual NPDES Permitting
  • Legal Notifications and PNDI’s
  • NPDES Sampling and Reporting
  • Compliance assistance
  • Transfer of Permit
  • Bond submittals

Our Experts:

Isaac Vehmeier

Abby McCrea

Coal Mining

Services We Provide:

  • IBR Permitting
  • NPDES Permitting
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Permit Revisions
  • Prospect Permits
  • Phase releases
  • Special Use
  • Drone Survey Volume Calculations
  • Subsidence monitoring
  • Subsurface Surveying
  • Surface Support Surveying
  • Coal waste & slurry impoundment designs

Our Experts:

Chris Waddell

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