• Client: WPAX,LTD
  • Location: RaritanTownship, HunterdonCounty, NJ
  • Services: Structural Engineering, Building Design, and Permits.

JHA Companies has extensive experience working within the requirements of various hotel franchise specifications and design manuals, so WPAX, LTD teamed with JHA to redesign and permit an exterior renovation project required by Hilton brand hotels. A Property Improvement Plan (PIP) replaces outdated styles for both the interior and exterior. The property improvement is required by the corporate brand every 10-15 years in order to accommodate the changing needs of their guests. JHA’s scope of services included initial site visit, coordination with Hilton corporate representatives, structural building design, and permitting.

The exterior design of Hampton Inn’s latest prototype, which Hilton Corporation has named the Forever Young Initiative (FYI), required JHA to incorporate architectural cues into the existing flat roof façade, as well as adding Hampton’s signature fin design. The porte-cochère required a complete upgrade, with new canopy structure and drive through lane arrangement. Enhanced lighting and signage were added to the entire building exterior.

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