JHA Companies has launched a new initiative for our team members, called Volunteer Time Off (VTO). This program enables our team to engage in life changing volunteer opportunities that align with JHA Companies’ core values, mission, and giving philosophy, but without sacrificing their personal Paid Time Off to do so.

Founder, Joseph Hunt, PE, PLS, spoke about the connections that led to this new program. “JHA was really birthed out of two desires in my heart. One was to move home and raise my family where I grew up, and the other was to serve and volunteer with an organization named Engineering Ministries International, (eMi). Having the flexibility as a business owner to do that really was instrumental in my life”

The Volunteer Time Off policy gives each full-time team member up to 40 hours of VTO per year to serve people in their community or around the world. Qualifying part-time employees also can have up to 20 hours of paid VTO. To apply for Volunteer Time Off, team members will have to submit a written proposal to their Director and the Director of Team Member Development, to ensure that the request aligns with the JHA Companies’ core values, mission, and giving philosophy. If accepted, the proposal will be reviewed by the President for final decision. The VTO program will be funded by a portion of the 30% of the net profit designated for giving.

After a person has completed their volunteer time, they will be featured on the following month’s All-JHA call to discuss their time. Our whole team will be able to hear about the opportunity, how it served other people, and how they were personally impacted by the time spent.

JHA Core Values are People Matter Most, Communication is Key, and Empowered with Process.

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