Two Powerhouses Come Together: The Advantage of Using 3D Scanning along with Traditional Survey for As-Builts

JHA Companies always strives to find the most appropriate technology to use for any project we undertake. Sometimes a project is best served by combining two different survey technologies for even greater results.

We recently completed as-built surveys of eight natural gas well pads in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, using a combination of traditional survey methods and advanced 3D laser scanning technology. At each well pad site, our surveyors used traditional survey to located well pad features and then took 3D scans of the site using the Leica ScanStation C10 HDS 3D scanner.

Back at the office, while the traditional survey data was being processed and drawn up, the 3D scans were posted to a password-protected online website portal, giving our client quick and easy access to the high definition photography and point cloud measuring capabilities captured by the scanner.

While 3D scanning provides an exceptional service in the short term, it also provides long term benefits. The extensive point cloud of data is available for any future survey needs for the site. With no additional field trips, any part of the site can be modeled or virtually surveyed now or at any time in the future.

JHA Companies continues to innovate and use the most advanced survey equipment to get our clients the best product, every time! Contact us today to find out more about 3D scanning possibilities for your site.

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