January 13, 2022 | Travis Long is THRIVING here at JHA Companies! We are pleased to announce his promotion to Vice President & Director of Environmental Services. Travis Long, CEP, joined the JHA team as a Project Leader in July of 2018. He came to JHA with 20 years of experience serving clients who manage and run water and wastewater treatment facilities. In 2020, Travis was promoted to Team Leader, and has continued to grow himself, his team, and his base of clients. He is recognized throughout Pennsylvania and New York as a subject matter expert and is often called upon to train and help clients who are facing challenging water and wastewater treatment issues. Travis has shown himself to have the necessary skills, work values, and time allocation needed for a management role; he now joins the executive leadership, strategic planning, and succession team at JHA. He will also be leading and coaching three project teams of 18 people that focus on the Environmental, Municipal and Utility sectors. Congratulations, Travis, and thank you for your outstanding example!

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