As part of the administrative team at JHA Companies, Project Assistant Wendy Samson plays a critical role in serving our Project Leaders and clients. We sat down with Wendy to get to know her better and to discover how she came to JHA. Wendy worked at Keystone Consulting in Honesdale, PA for about 18 years, when the owners decided to close the business. About the same time, Joe Hunt was looking for a location to relocate the existing JHA Team in Honesdale, PA, so Joe discussed moving into the building with the owners of KCA. After meeting Wendy, she was asked to interview for a Project Assistant role with JHA. She interviewed and was subsequently hired in 2018. While at KCA, Wendy prepared a variety of permitting documents, including building and zoning permits, as well as survey proposals, project narratives, reports, and submissions. At JHA, Wendy supports a wide variety of team members with reviewing proposals, preparing reports, submitting natural gas permits, compiling soils infiltration test reports, running PNDIs, preparing RFPs and bids, PA one calls, and taking incoming phone calls. Wendy likes the atmosphere at JHA Companies. “Everyone is pleasant and helpful. I’ve never seen anyone try to drag someone else down. Everyone’s helping each other, working together to get things done.” She can see it comes “top down” from Owner, Joe Hunt, who created the mission statement, “We exist to serve our clients and each other in a way that exceeds their expectations, leads them to success, and honors God.”

Outside of work, Wendy loves spending time with her kids and grandkids. “They’re just so much fun!” In the summer, Wendy loves gardening, walking, and hiking, and in the winter, she enjoys crafting. Before Covid, Wendy also had a local prison ministry with her sisters, which she is hoping will begin again soon.

What is your name?

Wendy Samson

What would your perfect workday include?

I like doing a variety of tasks and that sums up almost every day for me.

What is your favorite place in the whole world?

My backyard.

What Core Value of JHA most resonates with you, and why?

People Matter Most. Whether we’re dealing with a single client or a huge corporation, it’s really just people working together to achieve a goal. At the end of the day, it’s not only about what we’ve accomplished, but how. I think success is measured by the people we’ve impacted, as well as the jobs we’ve completed.

What is your favorite possession?

My home.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

I’m sorry, but it’s funny videos of people’s hair catching fire!!

What is your greatest accomplishment?

That would have to be raising 3 children to be responsible, productive, and amazing adults.

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