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Team Member Spotlight: Travis Long

Jun 21, 2020

Travis Long, CEP, LO

Team Leader for Water/Wastewater

JHA’s Water/Wastewater Team Leader Travis Long grew up in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. He had always been interested in water and environmental resources, growing up in a farming family, and was naturally drawn toward pursuing an environmental career. He decided to study Environmental Science when he attended Juniata College, and graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Science and Environmental Science and Ecology. After graduating, he worked for the Susquehanna and Wyoming County Conservation Districts as a watershed specialist which directed him toward Environmental Engineering. He served as an Environmental Scientist doing mainly water restoration and agricultural best management practice design projects for 3 years which gained him experience in the environmental permitting and engineering field. Travis went on to work for the next 15 years at a 50-person environmental firm as the Environmental Engineering Manager working on Water, Wastewater, and Land Development projects. This led him to JHA – did you know that Logan Mack is Travis’s cousin? Joe Hunt worked hard to get Travis to come work at JHA, in which he eventually succeeded! Travis’s favorite type of project to work on is water and wastewater evaluation/feasibility studies and project start-ups. He has a passion for coming alongside municipalities and educating staff and customers, optimizing systems, and enhancing overall quality of water and life for the communities we serve. You might not know this, but he also has experience in environmental evaluations, Phase I ESA’s, Construction Management and Finance Acquisition, and is your go-to guy if you need help on municipal questions. We are so grateful to have him at JHA! Travis is married to his beautiful wife Chrissy of 20 years, and they have 3 kids aged 15, 11, and 9. They love kayaking, hiking, hunting, and fishing as a family, and he could probably have a full time job fixing fences and chasing after runaway cows on their family homestead.

What is your name?

Travis Long.

What would your perfect workday include?

Hearing the usual morning greetings, contagious laughs, and enthusiasm of our dedicated team working side-by-side effectively and efficiently serving our clients needs, watching the amazing skill-sets produce top notch deliverables, and being able to correspond and relay positivity to our clients, seeing progress and ending the day ready with a smile for tomorrow’s challenges!

What is your favorite place in the whole world?

Alongside my amazing wife & three kids.

What Core Value of JHA most resonates with you, and why?

1) Team approach – Together as a team, everyone achieves more, and the joy and rewards experienced are truly a result of the team. 2) Serving our clients with excellence and reliability – Professionalism is truly shown through the satisfaction of our clients. The Excellent Professional exhibits an intrinsic knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, shows the courage to act upon that knowledge, and embodies the following ethical characteristics: respect for self, others, and the environment. Empathy. Integrity.

What is your favorite possession?


What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

Funny videos of people falling 🙂

What is your greatest accomplishment?

The ability to raise my three children alongside my wife, a blessing that continues to see continued accomplishments.

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