Team Member Spotlight: Nick Myers

JHA Survey Technician Nick Myers grew up in Montrose, PA, graduating from Montrose Area High School in 2013. He then studied Survey Engineering at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, graduating in 2018.

What brought Nick to surveying? Veteran JHA surveyor Barry Wheaton (a fifth-generation surveyor) is Nick’s father’s best friend and has been close with Nick since the day he was born. “When I was graduating high school, my parents knew what he was doing, and they were like, ‘you’re good at math and like being outside, why do you try being a surveyor?’ That’s kinda how I made my decision.”

Nick and his wife Mallory have been married three years, and had their first child, a girl, six months ago. “I spend a lot of time at home just watching her grow up and learn everything. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Nick’s interests outside of work are focused on the outdoors. “When it’s summertime and it’s warm, I spend a lot of time golfing. Once it gets into the fall and it gets a little cooler out, I try to spend as much time in the woods as possible hunting.”

When asked what his most memorable experience at JHA has been, Nick goes back to his family friend Barry Wheaton. “Any project that I’ve been out of town with him has been memorable to say the least. I’ve learned how to sleep through snoring. Barry’s eating habits are very strange. And everybody that knows him knows that he likes his Mountain Dew.”

How does Nick explain his role at JHA? “I am a Survey Technician. I work on boundary surveys, Alta surveys, and help all the field crews out. I take care of deed research, getting the projects set up so that the field crews can go out, do the work, and when they get the data I can go back and look at it and create a plan.”

Nick is grateful for the mentorship he has received at JHA. “I’ve been put under I would say good pressure to continue my survey career by obtaining my SIT [Surveyor-In-Training] and now I’m working toward getting licensed in different states. I think that good pressure is a healthy thing to have in a work environment. You know, the friendliness of ‘hey, you should probably get on getting your SIT done,’ or whatever kind of certification. The people that I’ve worked under have guided me to where I am today.”

Nick explains that he stays at JHA because of the people. “Everybody that’s here is really genuine, everybody’s friendly. They’ve treated me really well the last six years I’ve been here. The core value that resonates with me is People Matter Most. Without people you don’t really have a whole lot. People make the world a good place.”

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