September 19, 2022 | Molly Hindman grew up in the southern tier of New York and attended Chautauqua Lake Central School and graduated in 2014. Upon graduation, Molly attended Geneva College in Beaver Falls, PA, north of Pittsburgh. Originally Molly intended to delve into agricultural engineering, but soon decided to switch to environmental due to her school’s high-quality program. She graduated from Geneva College in 2018 with her Bachelor’s and is an Engineer in Training or EIT. Molly began working as a Civil Engineer at Site Resources, Incorporated, in the Baltimore, MD area until 2020. From there, she came to JHA as a Project Engineer and still holds that title today.

Molly found herself in engineering because it seemed like a good fit personality-wise. She likes a good challenge, enjoys staying busy, and loves finding solutions to problems. She also really values water quality because it is so vital to our quality of life. Having a job that allows her to be a part of a solution to a problem that matters brings value to Molly’s life!

JHA has been a great fit for Molly, and she loves the company atmosphere. There is a great balance of work and family life that she can appreciate. Molly likes where the company is headed; you always have the ability to grow and branch out. She appreciates the flexibility, the people are great, the core values follow her own beliefs, and she welcomes JHA’s mission as well!

Outside of work, Molly loves the fresh air! She loves to hike, do anything involving water such as swimming and kayaking, but she also loves being creative too! She likes creative cooking, arts and crafts, painting, and sketching. Molly has also traveled to Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Canada.

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