Team Member Spotlight: Josh King

Josh King received some particularly important help in finding his calling as a Senior Design Technician in Montrose, PA. “God tailored me, and moved me in different directions to get me to where I am today, at JHA Companies.” Josh grew up in Laceyville, PA, went to high school eight miles down the road in Wyalusing, attended Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit for two years, then transferred to Delaware Valley College in Lansdale, PA where he earned a degree in Landscape Design.

Josh’s role as Senior Design Technician primarily involves designing plans based off field data compiled by surveyors (and often combined with aerial drone data). “We show our design on plan sets, and then get the approvals we need from different agencies to allow the client to build what they want to build. In a general sense, that’s what surveyors are about, and I can align with being a surveyor for that reason.”

The majority of Josh’s time spent outside work revolves around family. “My wife Emily and I have six children, a definite blessing from the Lord to have that responsibility, to walk alongside them, to teach them those first moments.” Josh feels that parenting is a big responsibility, but that it is a joy that nothing else can match.

Josh also enjoys reading and learning. His favorite topics include how-to books and horticulture. He is also enthusiastic about studying and sharing God’s word. He regularly fills in for his pastor at his church, directing services and preaching when required. “It can be a heavy weight, but also a joy—I want to handle God’s word appropriately.”

Josh is one of JHA’s several FAA licensed drone pilots, and he believes the information gathered by drones provides a unique and valuable perspective for clients and designers. For him, drone work is as much art as science. “It’s not always about photos for a job. You can enjoy just visualizing with the camera. It’s fascinating to see what makes a good video shoot using a drone.”

The biggest reason Josh enjoys working at JHA is because he is in alignment with the values of Joe Hunt, founder and owner of the company. He explains that Joe is always seeking to learn and to make things better for the team members at JHA—which makes it a great place to work.

According to Josh, the values he shares with Joe are also what drives the high-quality work JHA is known for. “I think Joe Hunt has a good God, and that he is seeking to follow Him in a manner that glorifies Him. When we seek to please God, doing a good job is second nature. We’re honest, we are seeking to be faithful to our clients, to do the best quality job we can. When that happens you get a good outcome. If you start with the right framework, you get to the end in the right way.”

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