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Team Member Spotlight: Jim Babiarz

Jun 9, 2021

Jim Babiarz

CADD Team Leader


We had a few minutes with CADD Team Leader, Jim Babiarz. Between working on projects and mentoring, Jim keeps very busy! Jim started out drafting in Vo-Tech during high school because all his siblings were drafters. But after high school, he spent four years in the Army and decided that he did not want an outdoor job, so he pursued drafting after his honorable discharge. His first job was hand-tracing on Mylar drafting paper, which Jim admits was not easy for a left-handed person! “I had to work upside down and backward so I wouldn’t smear the drawings.” So, when computer aided drafting (CAD) gained popularity, Jim got on board, and he’s been working in CAD ever since. Known for quirky jokes and quotable quotes, Jim correlates dealing with engineers & surveyors for the last 30 years as giving him his offbeat sense of humor. Talking with Jim, you get a feel for his vast experience. He spoke of designing 1,000-2,000 residential subdivisions & land developments in various stages from Sketch Plan to Final Approvals, like it was nothing.

In 2013, Jim joined JHA and relocated from Reading, PA to Montrose, PA. As the CADD Team Leader with 30+ years of knowledge, Jim does a lot of mentoring of up-and-coming designers. While he admits that some days, he wishes he had a “take a number” machine, Jim’s favorite part of working at JHA is the people. “We have a well-diversified group which covers a large area of expertise.

A die-hard coffee addict, Jim can be found around the office with his blue mug in hand. Outside of work, Jim loves working in his garden, taking care of his house, going hiking and camping, and spending time outside the house (when it’s not below zero!). He and Pam have two cats (Cat and Baby Cat) and a dog (Tilly).


What is your name?

Jim Babiarz


What would your perfect workday include?

Mentoring the next generation of professionals, as I was mentored.


What is your favorite place in the whole world?

My swing in the back yard.


What Core Value of JHA most resonates with you, and why?

Communication is Key. Failure to communicate is just plain failure, no one is a mind reader.


What is your favorite possession?

My John Wayne collection.


What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

Bugs Bunny.


What is your greatest accomplishment?

Honorable discharge from the US Army.

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