Cody McCuean is a Project Leader/ CAD Technician who has been with JHA since 2018. Originally from a very small town in Ohio, Cody and his wife wanted to move to PA to be closer to family after living in Boston together for several years. Cody graduated from Purdue University with a major in Civil Engineering in 2010. While living in Boston, Cody worked for Snelling & Hamel doing land surveying. When he and his wife decided to make the jump to move to PA they did so on a whim. They quit their jobs and just moved with nothing lined up. Luckily when they got to PA Cody and Kayla were both able to find jobs relatively quickly. How Cody ended up at JHA was almost by pure coincidence. Cody had applied for a job in the Honesdale area for CAD Design work. That company was put on a hiring freeze and couldn’t offer Cody the job. Since they liked his resume, they knew Joe and forwarded his resume to him. Within only a few days, Cody was hired to work in out Honesdale office location.

In the past four years Cody had made some significant growth at JHA. In April Cody received his SIT certificate and he’s also working towards his surveying licensure in New York state. Cody also moved to our Fogelsville Office location this past month to continue his growth and help with his background of work he did in Boston. For Cody, he’s enjoying being able to see projects through from inception to completion. With the new move, Cody and his wife are looking forward to exploring the area they now call home. Aside from work Cody loves to spend his summers with his 14 year-old son, Hunter who lives in Ohio, date night with his wife, tinker with computers, go hunting, kayaking, or just relax on the couch after a day at the office.

What is your name?

Cody McCuean

What would your perfect workday include?

Happy clients, am I right?

What is your favorite place in the whole world?

At home, with the family (includes my cat – we have a love/hate relationship)

What Core Value of JHA most resonates with you, and why?

Communication is Key; I struggle with communication myself, so its great to be able to communicate as a team and bolster my own skills in the process.

What is your favorite possession?

Pretty sure my wife would say my truck, I tend to agree.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

Someone tripping, as long as they aren’t seriously hurt! I have a great surveying story about this, ask me sometime.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Adulting in general, we all just want to stay kids! In all seriousness probably finding and marrying my sweet wife, she does have to put up with me!

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