Team Member Spotlight: Cody McCuean

Cody McCuean did not take a straight road to becoming a surveyor. Growing up in the Pittsburgh area, architecture was always his goal. After being accepted at several colleges, he chose Purdue, mainly because it was the one located furthest from home, “a typical 18-year-old thing to do”. But there was a small problem: he discovered that Purdue doesn’t have an architecture program. “So, I thought what am I going to do now? The next logical choice was engineering.” 

Cody is a proud father and husband, with a 16-year-old son and a newborn daughter. “Adjusting from having a 16-year-old almost out of the house back to a newborn has been quite a challenge” he says, “but it has been uplifting. She’s a little bundle of joy.” 

Cody and Kayla like the outdoors. Weekends find them traveling, camping, and hiking, and no matter how rugged the journey, the baby always comes along. Outdoor life runs in his blood. His family owns 400 acres near Grove City, PA, and they gather each year for a group hunting trip, “a great way to spend time with family.” 

His father instilled in Cody at a young age that if a hunter takes a life, he (or she) owes it to the animal to use every part of the carcass. “He’s an avid person that you eat all of the innards as well,” Cody says of his father, “which most people might think is disgusting, but if we’re going to take the life of the animal it’s important that we make the most of it.” 

Cody is a Project Leader based in Allentown and leads survey projects throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. There is one project he says he will never forget. JHA founder and owner Joe Hunt decided that he and Cody needed to have a meeting with a client and picked Cody up for the drive. Unfortunately, they were hit with a massive snowstorm that made their short trip into a 23-hour marathon. “It’s one I will never forget,” he says, “taking the effort to go to a one-hour meeting to ease a client’s mind; and taking 23 hours to do it.” 

Cody enjoys the culture of JHA. “We’re here because we want to serve clients,” he says, “we want to help them with what their problems are and get them what it is they are looking for.” Knowing that Joe Hunt and JHA go above and beyond for clients and staff is what makes Cody glad to stay at JHA. “It’s something I want to be a part of.” 

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