November 18, 2022 | Christopher Thomas, affectionally known as CT here at JHA, grew up in Hancock and graduated from Hancock Central High School. Upon graduation, CT tried a few different paths such as Biology and Exercise Physiology Science before he began working in construction. He worked for multiple companies in construction for about 7 years before jumping into the surveying field. CT decided he was looking for a career and more opportunities to grow rather than just a job, which was his driving factor behind getting into surveying. He left construction to start as a field surveyor and crew chief with Keystone Associates for 3 years before coming to JHA for even more opportunities. CT was one of JHA’s first employees and holds the title of longest employee at JHA, being with us for 13 years now. When CT first started, JHA was being run out of the Equinunk General Store. He began as a field surveyor and was doing surveying for the first few years before he moved into the office to focus on well plat permitting, topographic mapping, and asset as-built of the pads. In the spring and summer, CT works on municipal services such as soil testing but still mostly focuses on well plats. He has been with JHA so long due to the flexibility and work-life balance. CT says he has the ability to be more than just an employee but also a dad- where if he needs to go pick up one of his kids from school, he’s able to do so with no questions asked. He not only can focus on his family, but he also has the ability to do work on things outside of normal working hours if need be.

CT’s favorite core value is People Matter because being able to have that work-life balance shows that he matters to the company. It shows that more than just his work is valued and that he can be a dad and a husband and not just a guy his family sees for an hour or two after work. And the added ability to be able to work from home allows him to have the extra flexibility in time and location. Outside of work, CT is big into volunteer coaching for both football and baseball, where he has been coaching for about 8 years now. CT is also married to his wife Chrissy for 12 years and they have 2 sons together: Greyson, 14 and Cameron, 10. They also have a golden retriever named Rusty. As a family, they go camping, fishing, and attend different sporting events. CT likes to golf, kayak on the Delaware, and is the president of the Hancock Youth League (little league) and is a board member of DH Youth Football Program. He is big into sports in the Hancock area as he knows how impactful sports and coaches can be to kids growing up in a small town.

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