Team Member Spotlight: Brian Loshbough


If you ask Brian Loshbough where he’s from, he’ll probably laugh. Brian was born in Ontario, Canada, spent ages 6–16 in Billings, Montana, finished high school in Alberta, Canada, then moved to Tijuana, Mexico for a year—and that’s just getting started!

That year in Mexico ended up being a formative time for Brian. Working alongside other Christians to build homes for impoverished families provided not only his first exposure to managing construction, but also experiences that would “set the trajectory” for his life and values.

His next stop was Wisconsin for college—where he also met his wife, Lani. They married and moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where Brian worked as a general contractor for over a year, then to Missouri to finish their bachelor’s degrees. Finally, in 2013, Brian and Lani found themselves in Montrose, PA.

When Brian and Lani arrived in Montrose to pursue their master’s degrees, they needed two things: housing and work. Within a month, they had both! Joe Hunt happened to have an apartment to rent and an office to renovate, and Brian’s construction experience perfectly suited him to the job.

After that temp construction job, Brian was offered a train-on-the-job surveyor position, which led to a construction management position. When that project wrapped up, he jumped into wastewater management, working alongside Jesse Grimm at the Harford Wastewater Plant. In 2021 he pivoted yet again to a project management position for a client in Olyphant.

Throughout that entire period, Brian served as a fill-in for multiple other short-term roles, and by the time the Olyphant project finished in 2022 Brian’s work ethic and can-do attitude had benefitted nearly every team at JHA. Now Brian’s main role is in hiring and team member development alongside Phil Izon, but with his rich experience he’s also poised to lend a hand in nearly any project that arises—which he does on a weekly basis!

Outside of work, Brian is a big sports fan—particularly basketball, spike ball, frisbee, and disc golf. In high school he actually made the all-star basketball team, and he’s always down for a game of pickup. He’s travelled to seven countries around the world, including Columbia, where his in-laws serve as missionaries. Brian and his wife have been married for 13 years and have three children, ages 8, 5, and 2. You’ll often find them adventuring together, whether it be on a hike, on a trip, or in the backyard.

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