• Client: Wayne Highlands School District
  • Location: Honesdale Borough, Wayne County, PA
  • Services: Land Surveying, Site Engineering, Project Permitting.

JHA Companies was retained to construct a 2,500 sq. ft. aquaponics greenhouse at Honesdale High School campus. The proposed project included a permanent steel greenhouse structure with polycarbonate glazing divided into two spaces: a head house for entry and storage, and the growing space for a high-production aquaponics system, an education aquaponics system, and a traditional soil system. JHA provided Project Permitting that included a Conditional Use Hearing as part of zoning approval.

The project had specific challenges relating to structure placement, including positioning to receive adequate sunlight exposure, and the location to be close to existing classrooms to still allow vehicle access for loading and unloading of materials. The chosen location required a minimal amount of access road; however, it also required a significant retaining wall to create a sufficient building pad. One benefit of the chosen location was the ability to install a rainwater collection cistern from the greenhouse roof that provides stormwater management credits in addition to a source of unchlorinated water for greenhouse and other miscellaneous uses (chickens, outdoor landscaping, wash water, etc.).

Another challenge was that the greenhouse site was located in an area with a single vehicle entrance that needed to remain open. To solve this, during construction operations involving large equipment (cranes, concrete pumping, deliveries, etc.), the contractor was able to limit the access road closure to a single-lane, which met project requirements. Most site work was also scheduled during the summer months during periods without students on campus and involved the heavy coordination & scheduling of the various trades.

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