Village of Odessa Water System

  • Client: Village of Odessa Public Works Department
  • Location: Odessa, Schuyler County, NY
  • Services: Feasibility Studies, Pilot Testing, Capital Improvements including Survey, Design, Permitting, Funding Acquisition Bidding, Construction Management, Start-up and Operations Assistance.

JHA Companies is working with the Village of Odessa Public Works Department and partnering service providers to replace its existing water treatment plant, consisting of three groundwater wells, chemical feed building and appurtenances, to address the degrading water quality conditions and necessity to meet Safe Drinking Water Requirements via new treatment facility, filtration system, disinfection process and high service pumps. In addition, the project will replace over half of the distribution system with adequately sized pipe, valving, hydrants and new service connections to address the low pressure, poor water quality, lost water and overall public health and safety.  The project will involve pilot testing, design and permitting of a new 0.200 MGD filtration plant, complete with a new treatment and control building, chemical feed equipment, pumps and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA). 

Work also includes replacement to approximately 4 miles of the distributions system with 12-inch, 8-inch and 6-inch diameter pipe, along with modification to the existing 0.400 MG water storage to include mixing to meet the needs of the antiquated and failing system. 

JHA has completed a detailed feasibility study, hydraulic modeling of the distribution system, Preliminary Engineers Report and worked in concert with the Villages grants consultant to secure a USDA-RD grant/loan of $9.9 million to complete the necessary system improvements. 

project leaders:

Travis Long, CEP

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