• Client: ESE Equity, LLC
  • Location: Montrose Borough, Susquehanna County, PA
  • Services: Land Surveying, Site Engineering, Parking Lot Layout; Project Permitting.

JHA Companies assisted ESE Equity, LLC on the Tannery Place project, which involved the transformation of a vacant building in Montrose, PA into a mixed-use, multi-occupancy, professionally-suited office building having a variety of built-to-suit suites for local businesses.

JHA services included land surveying, planning, project management, scheduling, permitting, engineering designs, plans and specifications, and construction observation. JHA worked with Montrose Borough to complete a Change of Use application which was required for zoning purposes. JHA prepared Opinions of Probable Cost for the project and attended municipal and community meetings related to the project. JHA provided construction observation services for all phases of construction, which involved site visits, shop drawing review, answering contractor inquiries, final inspections, punch lists, and the procurement of final Certificates of Occupancy.

Tannery Place is a beautiful example of a restoration and reuse project and the location has become a hub of local activity by providing vital services for the community with medical and family support facilities, a restaurant/café, boutique clothier, and office space for a local utility company. Construction on the final phase of the project was completed in the summer of 2016.

project leaders:

Joseph Hunt, PE, PLS

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