• Client: Antero Resources
  • Location: Beaver and Seneca Townships, Noble and Monroe Counties, OH
  • Services: Road Design, Survey Stakeout, Construction Oversight.

JHA Companies was hired to create a road design and provide construction oversight services for road upgrade before natural gas well traffic began. With direction from the client, JHA created a road design that met the client’s criteria.

JHA provided a conceptual design outlining project location. Once initial conversation on design had begun, JHA conducted a topographic survey of the entire road, documenting existing conditions.

JHA provided a complete road design utilizing the existing conditions topographic survey, and in coordination with the client, set design parameters for desired conditions requested by the client. Once design parameters were set, the project was staked for construction.

A pre-construction meeting was held to discuss road upgrade procedures. JHA then met on-site with the contractor throughout construction, providing direction and oversight services to the contractor to assure adherence to the design. A final meeting was held to review overall construction.

JHA followed the design and made recommendations based on correspondence with the client to meet timelines and overall quality standards.

project leaders:

Joseph Hunt, PE, PLS

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