• Client: Williams Midstream
  • Location: Town of Windsor, Broome County, NY
  • Services: Pipeline Routing & Design, Land Surveying, Tally & Receiving, As-built Survey.

JHA Companies, working with a natural gas midstream client, provided the routing, survey, and as-built for a 9-mile natural gas gathering line built in 2017 in the Town of Windsor, Broome County, NY.

The NY Loop project represented a paradigmatic shift in survey as-built responsibility, in which many tasks typically performed by the pipeline contractor or inspection crews were instead assigned to survey field crews during the pipeline’s construction.
The project also represented a significant increase in as-built services for the client, who requested expanded data collection and processing, as well as additional deliverables (to expedite the project’s transition to the client’s pipeline operations group).
Finally, it included an accelerated delivery schedule for as-built deliverables.

JHA Companies was able to provide the additional services without a commensurate increase in field personnel and provided the necessary as-built deliverables within the accelerated time frame. The client’s response to JHA’s performance was to declare that in the NY Loop, “the standard is now set for all of our civil consultants to achieve.”

project leaders:

Chris Sespico, PE

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