• Client: New Albany Borough
  • Location: New Albany Borough, Bradford County, PA
  • Services: Land Survey, Surveying Design, Structural Permitting, Planning, Commercial Plans and Specification Composition, Planning Construction Management and Inspection, Construction

The Borough of New Albany experienced a large flood event that resulted in the damage of the Main Street Bridge over Ladds Creek. The flood event was declared a disaster by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which provided the Borough with funding to repair the bridge. JHA Companies worked alongside staff from New Albany Borough to repair the damaged concrete apron and upstream and downstream scour.

JHA Companies determined that the project would require a General Permit-11 (GP-11) due to the size of the drainage area of Ladds Creek. A detailed topographic survey was performed of the project area, including a cross-sectional survey for the development of stream profiling, which was necessary to compose plan drawings and design computations.

A JHA Senior Wetland Biologist performed a wetland and water course delineation of the project area for inclusion in the GP-11 permit application. Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses of the stream and bridge were calculated. Design details, plan drawings and specifications were completed, and an approved GP-11 permit was obtained from the Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP). JHA Companies worked hand in hand with the Borough of New Albany providing bidding support, contractor selection, and construction inspection services which allowed the project to run smoothly and be completed in a timely manner.

The completion of the Main Street Bridge restored the flood-carrying capacity of the creek and stabilized the stream bed and banks both upstream and downstream of the bridge.

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Chris Sespico, PE

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