NEPA DENTAL Design-Build

  • Client: NEPA Community Healthcare​
  • Location: Montrose Borough, Susquehanna County, PA
  • Services: Building Design, Permitting, Construction Admin, Interior Buildout

Client: NEPA Community Healthcare​
Location: Montrose Borough, Susquehanna County, PA
Services: Building Design, Permitting, Construction Admin, Interior Buildout

For this 2021 project, JHA began construction for NEPA Community Healthcare’s dental clinic. One of the requirements for the federal program for the health center is providing primary care, behavioral health, women’s health, and dental care. When the project came to fruition, JHA fully supported the project and became involved early on as they saw the value of this for the community. Historically, the county has had limited access to dental care for Medicaid patients. By opening and expanding their services in the new space, they have widened that access door a bit further.

While JHA formulated their next step in the process, they strove to accommodate all the operatories and designing based on the layout that the client wanted for the dental area. JHA and NEPA continued to work collaboratively to fully understand the needs for the clinic while working on the existing layout such as plumbing, HVAC, and contractors’ requirements. JHA biggest obstacle for the project was the completion and timeframe that assigned by NEPA Community Center. Joe and John made sure the project was completed on time for the beginning of 2023, where the facility already has a backlog of patients.

Kristen Follert, CEO of NEPA Community Healthcare, said, “JHA has always been fully supportive of our FQHC mission and has been generous in providing us space for our clinics. [Along with] expanding and renovating our spaces to provide state of the art care for our patients.”

project leaders:

Joseph Hunt, PE, PLS

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