• Client: Johnsonburg Municipal Authority
  • Location: Johnsonburg Borough, Elk County, PA
  • Services: Distribution Feasibility Study, Flow & Pressure Testing, Hydro-CAD Modeling, Capital Improvements including Survey, Permitting, Design, Funding Acquisition, Bidding, Construction Management.

JHA Companies is working in concert with the Johnsonburg Municipal Authority to model their water distribution system, through flow and pressure testing, WaterCAD modeling, and system wide GIS Mapping technologies.

JHA evaluated and ranked the distribution system and provided short- and long-term replacement plans, which outlined those critical replacement areas which remain throughout their aged system. This work is a continuation of necessary and ongoing efforts of other professionals throughout the years tasked with providing professional assessments and recommendations to enable a functional and sustainable water distribution system, coupled with the ability to extend services when able to provide our most previous natural resource potable water. 

JHA also completed survey, design and permitting services, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) design of crossings of streams, wetlands and railroads. Performed detailed environmental assessments, and completed detailed design documents to accompany permit applications, funding applications and forthcoming construction documents. 

These project(s) are underway as part of the overall water distribution system improvements as necessary for the Authority to continue to meet the needs of the antiquated and failing systems, achieve sustainable compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act, and allow for the provision of public water to areas suffering from groundwater quality and quantity issues. Work to be included consist of a 5-mile distribution system extension and looping, complete with metering, in addition to replacement of undersized and antiquated system components within the existing service area. This project will coincide with completed upgrades to five (5) pressure boosting stations, two new water storage tanks (1.0 & 0.125 MG), and line work completed by Gwin, Dobson & Foreman Engineers, to optimize system conditions.

Total estimated costs for system improvements is $6 million via Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PennVEST) or USDA-Rural Development Funding.

project leaders:

Travis Long, CEP

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