• Client: Big Level Wind, LLC and Cianbro Corporation​
  • Location: Harrison and Hector Townships, Potter County, PA
  • Services: Land Surveying, ALTA Mapping, Construction Stakeout, and Final As-built Mapping.

JHA Companies partnered with Big Level Wind, LLC to perform an ALTA survey on a wind turbine lease area comprised of approximately 6,900 acres of privately owned land, containing 25 wind turbines.

Fun fact: the turbines at the Big Level Wind site are the tallest in the northern hemisphere!

Once the project received the necessary permits, JHA was contacted by the General Building Contractor for Big Level Wind, Cianbro Corporation, to assist with construction stakeout services. JHA performed stakeout services for refreshing clearing limits, additional clearing limits, roads, towers, utility poles, and additional easements necessary to get the wind towers over existing Township roads. As the project progressed, JHA performed grade checks and monitoring for slipping on portions of a Township Road.

As the project came to a close, Cianbro contacted JHA to perform an entire site As-built to confirm that the project was built in accordance with permitted drawings. JHA was able to compare constructed information to design information and provide a complete 23-page As-built plan set.

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