Our Mission: Why Does JHA Exist?

By Joseph Hunt, Founder, & Wendy Samson, Project Assistant

Here at JHA, we are collectively on a mission. Why do we exist? 

We exist to serve our clients and each other in a way that exceeds their expectations, leads them to success, and honors God.


This Mission Statement was born in the summer of 2009 when JHA was a brand-new company and its founder, Joe Hunt, was attending an Engineering Ministries International conference in preparation for a missions trip to Uganda, East Africa. During that conference, Joe heard another business owner speak about his perspective that he considered his business as a mission to serve and honor God. Joe became convinced that any success worth having would only be realized through following this basic formula. Earlier that same year, Joe had read a book entitled Business by the Book, written by the late Larry Burkett. This book explains what the Bible has to say on the topic of business enterprises and how they can be used to honor God.  The book had a profound influence on Joe.

The first mission statement written during that conference was a little longer, but over time Joe has shortened it to make it more memorable and bring focus to its four main points.

1. We Exist To SERVE.

JHA exists to serve; whether it’s serving our Clients, Project Leaders, Team Members or God – usually “All of the above”. Here is how we remember it:

S how respect: All people deserve our respect.

E arn trust: Trust that we earn with people is our greatest asset.

R each for perfection: Never attainable, but we must continually strive to achieve it.

V alue input: Ask for and receive feedback, criticism and direction. Understand expectations.

E nergize the Team: Be the person who fills others with the energy and the desire to persevere.

It is worth noting that, although service should come from an attitude of genuine humility, it is anything but humiliating. There is great empowerment in resting on the knowledge of a job well done, confident that we have contributed to the success of our Client and our Team. The confidence we gain will grow as we carry it on to the next project, and the next.


When an individual or organization practices serving with humility, expectations are often exceeded. In this environment the focus is on people, so petty irritations don’t become stumbling blocks. Respectful, clear communication goes a long way in keeping a team on track and on time. 

At JHA, our second core value is “Communication is Key”.  If we are going to exceed expectations, communication is the key to understanding what the expectations are. Once we understand what is expected, we can then begin to manage the expectations and serve in a way that exceeds them. 

Another key is to take our eyes off of ourselves and our untrustworthy feelings. Having done that, we can pour our energy into others and into working together toward the common goal. This is true of any relationship, whether personal or professional. It’s helpful to remember that deserved praise is a great motivator and positive motivation leads us to excel as we work toward the common goal. To paraphrase a great leader, the apostle Paul, in writing to his congregation, “You’re doing a great job – excel still more!” (I Thessalonians 4:1)

3. We Exist to LEAD TO SUCCESS.

At JHA, we believe that success will come from building on the first two principles.  

Coincidentally, people who are willing to serve can also be the most effective leaders.  It’s difficult to respect a leader who won’t get his hands dirty. But everyone admires the executive who treats both the cleaning lady and the CEO as equals. After all, all people deserve respect. 

At any time, someone may be called upon to lead or to follow – if the company president becomes trapped in an elevator, it’s the janitor that he depends on to lead him out! 

If our clients succeed, we succeed. The work we do must meet the needs that our clients have. If we do that, we have succeeded. Sometimes they are not aware of the fact they have a certain need. In that case, we graciously and truthfully explain and counsel them towards good decisions.  Keeping their goal as ours is also critical. It is all too easy think this is my project, when, in fact, it is theirs. We are the stewards of our clients’ projects, so we must keep their desired outcome as our top priority. 

“We are the stewards of our clients’ projects, so we must keep their desired outcome as our top priority.”

Although financial gain is important and a necessary goal in business, it is not the only measurement of success.  We may lose a project, but keep our integrity. We may have to work with a difficult client or teammate, but learn patience in the process. 

4. We Exist to HONOR GOD.

Honoring God is what happens when these basic principles are observed. Why?  Simply because these are principles rooted in the truth of God’s Word. We are called to be God’s ambassadors and we honor Him by representing Him well, just as a foreign ambassador honors the country that sent him. 

Service: Knowing His disciples had been secretly arguing over which one would be the greatest, Jesus quietly knelt and washed their feet as an example of service for them to follow. 

Exceeding Expectations: The commandment to “go the extra mile” comes right from the mouth of Jesus in Matthew chapter 5. 

Success: “If  you know these things, you are blessed if you do them.” John 13:17  

The work we do honors God when it is conducted in a way that imitates His character. How we deal with money, how we treat people and the quality of our service is how we honor God. We recognize that all of our skills and abilities are gifts from God. Furthermore, the work and opportunities we have to serve others comes directly from Him. 

At JHA we are collectively on a mission. It is our “Why we exist” statement, so we repeat it often. 

“We exist to serve our clients and each other in a way that exceeds their expectations, leads them to success, and honors God.”

Joe Hunt, PE, PLS, Founder, enjoys spending time with his wife Lori and their three sons, hunting, and serving at their church. They love to travel as a family in their RV, and are planning on exploring New England this year. He can usually be found with headphones around his neck and a smile on his face.

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