Client: Martin Family
Location: Town of Meredith, Delaware County, NY
Services: Subdivision, Defining Parcel Boundaries, Updating Legal Descriptions

For this 2022 project, JHA began working with Mr. Martin to subdivide land that his son and daughter-in-law own in Meredith, NY. Mr. Martin’s relationship with JHA evolved from meeting Nik Decker, Project Leader, during a Planning Board meeting, which Mr. Martin is a member of. The family purchased a house with an attached trailer as well as an adjacent piece of land across the road. There was a discussion about how to maximize the economic potential of the property that the family had purchased. On one side of the road there was a lot that contained approximately 3 acres, this was to be divided into two equal lots containing the respective structures. The approximate 7 acres of vacant land on the opposite side of the road was also divided into roughly equal parts for potential future development.

Even though this was a straightforward subdivision project, JHA did have to overcome the occasional hurdle with the Planning Board. There were specific items that were required to be seen on the map, in regard to the existing septic systems and wells that were part of the two lot subdivision. Since that tax parcel contained both a house and a trailer, both had their own septic system and their own well. The Planning Board wanted to see that the offsets from the well to the septic system were where they were supposed to be along with enough room for a reserve septic area.

One of the best aspects of this project, for Nik, was the client. “It was great working with Ted.” With Mr. Martin’s precise plans, they fed off each other when it came to suggestions and tweaks.. When speaking of Nik Decker, Mr. Martin stated, “[There were] a number of times where I was quite impressed with his expertise.”

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