March 25, 2022 | This year, National Land Surveyors Week ran from March 20-26, and the theme was Communication. This is something we are passionate about, so much so that one of our company values is “Communication is Key”! We like to take this opportunity each year to celebrate and recognize the hardworking surveyors that make up this part of the JHA team. We couldn’t do everything we do without them! Head over to our social media channels to check out the posts about our Land Surveying Teams that we highlighted this week. Thank you to all of our surveyors: Barry Wheaton, PLS, Chris Oleniacz, LS, Brennan Coates, Brian Liepinis, Burnell Rice, Carl Bert, PLS, Bohen Henry, Gary Frey, PS, Nik Decker, Chris Thomas, Rich Arnot, Matt Weaver, Cody McCuean, Don Bara, PLS, Rich Grimes, Levin Marling, Jessica Meahl, Logan Cline, Matt Tomazic, PLS, Nick Myers, Tyler Weiss, Wade Weber, SIT, Blake Whitmire, and Paul Fusco, SIT.

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