Client: 3 Hanul, LLC
Location: City of Hagerstown, Washington County, MD
Services: Site Engineering, Land Development, Permitting, Tree Study, GEO Technical

For this 2021 project, JHA began working with Hong & Anna Kim to develop the Hagerstown Car Wash with architect, Trey Lucas. The 5 Star Auto Spa on Eastern Boulevard will be the first of its kind in the area to offer an indoor vacuum area. The car wash will be using approximately eight hundred thousand gallons of water each month Along with the car wash, JHA will be assisting Hong & Anna with their plans for a convenience store along with the property across the street for JHA to assist them with down the road.

With a unique situation at hand, JHA worked through site constraints as the new redevelopment area was an old concrete plant along a floodplain. After JHA got approval from the county, their next hurdle was the width of the car wash with an area wide enough for turnaround. As being part of a redistricting, beautification area, JHA got the client in touch with a grant agency to see if it would help fund the project.

One of the best aspects of this project were the clients, Hong & Anna Kim. They had a vision that they shared with the architect and JHA and intended to see it come to life. The project was a success for JHA, the client, and the architect as the car wash continues into its next phase.

Christopher Waddell, Project Leader, stated, “Hong and Anna are very hands on and that’s one of the best parts working with them. They have a vision and know what they want for JHA to help them get there.”

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