July 12, 2022 | Barry Wheaton, PLS is THRIVING here at JHA Companies! As a Project Surveyor serving our Project Leaders in the Environmental, Municipal and Utility Sectors, Barry has helped train and coach numerous JHA Land Surveying team members. Holding his Professional Land Surveyors license in PA since 1998 and joining the JHA team as a Survey Crew Leader in 2011, Barry’s vast knowledge and experience has consistently demonstrated that he is the go-to team member when there is someone new to train.

Barry is often called upon to perform our most technically challenging surveys, especially when precision and accuracy are critical and elevated levels of communications with various trade superintendents are demanded. His commitment to doing what is in the client’s best interest means that he is willing to question the status quo in the pursuit of putting people first and getting the job done right.

In this role Barry will serve JHA Project Leaders in the Environmental, Water, Wastewater and Utility sectors. We are excited to continue to leverage Barry’s knowledge and abilities to further enhance the level of service provided to our clients.

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